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Here is a quick peek into some future prints

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Raymond Pettibon

Here is an artist I wish I found out about earlier. I really like that he comes from a musical background and loves sports. In the artistic world that I see is not that accepting of sports in art, or that sports in art has to be abstract in some sort of way.

PBS documentary

Gallery Tour: Art Beyond Boundaries

Today I went on a tour at Art Beyond Boundaries. We had the lead director and owner J.H. Boldon talk to us about the gallery. They offer opportunities for disabled artist to show year round. Instead of just dedicating a specific month for minorities and the disables they accept anybody all year. Most shows consist of multiple artist around a certain theme. They offer internship opportunities and is willing to work around a students schedule. It is a very interesting space and feels like a very welcoming environment,

How to: Comic

Photo Apr 08, 3 58 24 PM

First start with a sketch of thee concept of the character, usually in pencil

Photo Apr 08, 3 58 37 PM

Then ink a more “finished” form. find out what works with what materials you have. It is okay to still add smaller details,

Photo Apr 08, 3 58 46 PM

Find what position you want the character to be in, multiple drawings recommended until you find the one that works best,

Photo Apr 08, 3 58 54 PM

Rough draft of the full page. Work out spacing and how much area is needed to balance the page.


After putting the image in photo shop and making some adjustments to balance the page. The final cover is done

Creative Influence #2: Bill Watterson

Bill Watterson is an artist and writer. He’s most notable work is the Calvin & Hobbes comic strip. Calvin & Hobbes was syndicated from 1985-1995,  I admire him, not only for the making the best comic strip ever, but he took the comic medium as a art form and not just cheap laughs. The reason he stopped Calvin & Hobbes is because he felt that he “achieved all that he could in the medium”. Since then he has moved back to a more private life. His art work uses amazing balance of black and white. He perfected the way of drawing less but adding more context at the same time. Comics in general are usually smaller than average art, so to be able to add detail that does not created  a mess of a panel is a hard learn. When using ink I like to keep in mind how balance is so important to a piece. Using lines to direct eye movement is a key factor into how you want the piece to read.

Interview: Christian Washington

How long have you been an artist?

7 years

What problems do you face during your work?

(laughter) Money. sometimes my imagination can be pretty costly and  will have to find a different way to get the same result.

Who buys your art?

Still working on that, i have won a couple of different contest but no one has official bought any piece worth mentioning. 

Greatest Challenges?

Artistically it would have to be color. Finding the right color and shading is the most important thing to me. I obsess myself into it to bring the right emotion into my art.

Greatest Achievement?

Wining a couple of local contest nothing to big.

Any recommendations as an artist?

A lot of people are going to have opinions on you and your work, which means nothing. As long as you are happy with what you are doing then somebody will be able to connect. If you are around negative people maybe it is time for relocation. 


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